Multiplatform Result Computing

Application for F3A and F3P


Make a difference and help keeping MultiRes alive!

The home of MultiRes scoring application!
MultiRes scoring application is firstly designed to compute F3A and F3P contest results.
Features like score sheet printing, season result computing, publishing tools etc. is something
that makes it the contest organizer's life much easier!

    List of features:
    • Written with Qt and therefore application can be compiled for multiple platforms
    • Multilanguage support; Currently translated to Finnish, English, French and Russian
    • Support of multiple
      • F3A / F3P / AM schedules
      • and contests
    • Automated score sheet printing
    • One contest may contain several of judge- and pilot groups
    • Includes multiple scoring/fair play algorithms, like TBL
    • Pilot and judge analysis
    • HTML result page generator
    • Team result calculator
    • and much more...

    Please take a look of official F3A Team Finland web pages!

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