Multiplatform Result Computing

Application for F3A and F3P


Make a difference and help keeping MultiRes alive!

What is MultiRes and Why this application exists?

    Shortly, to make my and other F3A/F3P pilots life easier. I've been a secretary of F3A-Team Finland for several years now and in the beginning of my career, computing scores, series results etc. has been quite time consuming process. It was also very easy to generate typos while copying points from one sheet to another.

    During winter season 2009-2010 I solved the problem using Ola Fremming's Winres application, but still there was a lot of manual work to publish scores and especially compute season total scores. After playing around with winres and excel sheets, I was motivated enough to start doing what I've been doing for living some time now; write an application that is easy to install, use and publish results. Also, it would be nice to work on multiple platforms too.

    After a couple of weeks coding, the very first version of MultiRes started to run smoothly on my little Asus eeepc 900 with Ubuntu 10.4 and laptop with Windows 7 (9/2010).

    It seems that this is an application that is never ready. New features and bug fixes needs to be done every now and then but after couple of years, basic concept is there and running smoothly; including pilot groups, judge panels, different analysis, fair play algorithms, including TBL with number of options etc.

    What about money? Because this is pure hobby project for me, I don't expect to get any economical benefit about this software. However, if you feel that this project is something that is worth of keeping alive, please remember to make your donation. But let's face the fact;

    This is just a tool get more fun out flying F3A or F3P.

    And let's try to keep it that way!


    (C) Copyright, Seppo Pekkala